The Many Misadventures of an Aspiring Raw-Foodist

The purpose of this blog is to give you a realistic view of the transition to a raw vegan life and the restoration of health. It isn't always easy. I don't always feel amazing. But in the end it is worth it. My hope is that I can inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives.


It’s Pretty Much a Miracle, Plus BIG NEWS

Remember the low fat discovery? Yes, well I’ve taken it a step further with the most amazing results. A friend suggested I read Natialia Rose’s book “Detox 4 Women.” I can’t say it enough—the book has changed my life! Here’s a great example. Two days ago I began to wonder if my period was coming. I didn’t feel at all like it was, it just seemed like it had been a while. I checked the calendar and saw it was due this Friday, which would have been 6 days away. Normally I would be incredibly bloated and have no energy during this time. I was thinking it would be interesting to see how I’m affected, now that I’m on this new diet, as the date nears. Much to my surprise I got it this morning. No warning. No bloat. No diarrhea. No nausea. No migraine. No cramps. No food cravings. I don’t even feel “mushy.” In fact, this morning I was lighter then I’ve been in over a year! AND my waist was smaller! I would normally around this time of month be 125-127 with about a 32 inch waist. I rarely if ever at any time get below 123 and 30 inches. Today I was 119 and my waist measured 28 inches, insanity!!!! I haven’t even done her detox yet, nor am I following the maintenance plan perfectly, and already I’ve seen great results. I have more energy than I’ve had… well, ever. I do intend to follow the detox, which is for yeast and ph balance, as soon as I can. I’m working around the holidays. I’ll be doing the systemic cleanse (the really strict one) and also talking Threelac along with it. My recent round of antibiotics and all the mold in our house hasn’t helped my body much. I feel like the lung infection is coming back. Hopefully we will have the money to have the mold remediated soon and I can cleanse it out of my system.
Anyway, I highly recommend this diet. In fact, I recommend it so highly I’m taking her course and will be certified to teach it when my husband finishes school and we can afford it. I plan to spend the rest of my life informing people about this. To be clear, this is a mostly raw diet (typically one serving of cooked food per day). It can be done vegan. I am doing it vegetarian with organic free range eggs and raw goat’s cheese on occasion. I do not drink wine or eat fish, though those are “allowed” on the diet. Mostly I’m eating vegetables in all their marvelous forms, with an emphasis on greens, especially juiced and blended greens. I am eating low fat and low sugar. During the systemic cleans I will have no cheese and no fruit at all. I plan to do the systemic cleanse for 3-4 weeks, along with several sessions of colon hydrotherapy and a whole lot of enemas so my body doesn’t reabsorb all the dead yeast and toxins that will be dumping into my colon.
Now, for the big news. I earned my Wellness Coaching certification a few days ago and launched my business today! Check it out

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