The Many Misadventures of an Aspiring Raw-Foodist

The purpose of this blog is to give you a realistic view of the transition to a raw vegan life and the restoration of health. It isn't always easy. I don't always feel amazing. But in the end it is worth it. My hope is that I can inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives.


Winter Cleanse, End of Day 2

I’m quickly realizing this cleanse is so much more than just a 10-day break from over stuffing myself. As I’ve been making the time to take care of myself (exercise, meditation, leisurely baths, colon cleansing, etc.) I’ve felt something change in me. Another switch is flipping. I feel like I could go on with this cleanse forever. Usually, the first few days of a cleanse I’m just starving and cranky and want to give up. This is because my body is adjusting and switching gears to be able to start releasing toxins. This phase is followed by 3-4 days of detox symptoms, as the toxins are being released and my elimination organs are doing all they can do excrete them. During this time whatever bothersome symptoms I had prior to the cleanse get much worse. During the next phase, I feel amazing. I feel right with the world, comfortable in my own body, light; I feel like I could go on cleansing forever. At some point, like toward the end of my 30-day cleanse, I feel ready to stop simple because I want to eat! But I find it interesting that I woke up this morning feeling already in the “can do this indefinitely” phase. Who knows what’s to come, what I know is that I need to take most of the aspects of this cleanse and make them a part of my daily life. I need to live a cleansing lifestyle. I need to do enemas on at least a weekly basis. I need to make sure I get at least 34 oz of fresh vegetable juice AND a green smoothie or green protein shake every day. I need to keep up, at least for a while, with taking digestive enzymes and acidophilus. I need to make sure I’m getting aerobic exercise, sunlight, and fresh air everyday. I need to work on getting more sleep, and I need to be doing yoga at least twice a week. I also need to really focus on eating only when I’m physically hungry, and letting myself feel hungry for a bit before I eat. I’m having VERY little difficulty with hypoglycemia on this cleanse, which I’m surprised and so grateful for. It’s a miracle to me, a great blessing. I can now stop eating constantly, always trying to balance my blood sugar, but because I’ve had to do that for the past 18 months, and because I do eat emotionally, I need to break the habit of compulsive eating. I’m realizing how little my body actually needs, and that there are things greater than having something in my mouth that tastes good and gives me warm fuzzies for a little while. There are deeper things, spiritual things, that I’m in need of and the voice that is calling out for those things is silenced when I over eat. This is all a miracle to me, an answer to many prayers, and the materialization of my “Jesus Gift” (see my family blog) this year. It’s a wonderful thing.

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